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Sunday, June 13, 2010


In all fairness life throws many curveballs at you. It is all in your swing, stance and eye how you take it. I am proud to admit I have a good eye and it has gotten me this far in life. I appreciate all the following I've received and want to thank everyone and wish all happiness as I have been blessed with.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happier Times

I promise I will get back to my original scheme of things I post. I just wanted to update everyone on my doings and current situation. I'm single for sure and needed and enjoying my life. I felt I got in an emotional state with last relationship and was a good experience for the most part. I have no complaints or bitches to throw out there. I rather must state it was good times, for sure. But, as with anything- you need to step outside the box and take a glimpse at the whole picture. I know for sure I cannot and will not enter any relationship when I need to work on me and evaluate what is important to me and stick with that goal in mind. I'm sure we all would like that type of relationship to work in the long run, and most will try- but, I cannot. I'd rather keep great memories and get on with life and not give up on living life to the fullest, right? Yes, exactly- I choose to live life and see what comes of it. Anyway, new postings in the next few days- keep an eye on my blog for sure... :) Take care and have a great nite to everyone!