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Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Vacation

Hello, to everyone and my apologies for not posting any new content. I've been experiencing life and loving it. I've found an equal and am exploring him. I will definitely continue to post great things of the Pacific Northwest and would appreciate feedback of what you would like to see and read of this beautiful place. Thank you everyone, for the following- much appreciated!


  1. Looking forward to your post Misty! Me too I am enjoying my time with my wife and kids! Continue loving that experience it is far more valuable than anything. Stay happy always it is indeed priceless.

  2. Very honest revelation! Go where your heart is because I do, too. I'm adjusting to my new-found living condition where I visit my daughters who live far away from our home. I blog as the chance comes and that's when I return home to check our house and pay my bills. I don't bring with me my laptop. I concentrate doing house chores for my working girls. Isn't that great?