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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unconventional Posting

Well this is out of the ordinary, almost similiar to last post. I guess it has to do with the Pacific Northwest and is my blog... Anyway, according to my last post I was exploring a new and real friend. He lives in Washington State and I do not. Well, long story short- the outcome thus far isn't what I expected or could even imagine. I'm terribly unprepared to do this without him, but that may be the case. I had envisioned once it was settled it would remain a working relationship. So far, it isn't so and I am left with why this, why that. I don't expect him to give and not get it in return and don't expect or want any less. I loved visiting the Pacific Northwest and have but happy memories. I suppose I wanted it all, love and respect. I enjoyed my visit to my home state and hope future visits are more rewarding. Take care all and will keep posting of that beautiful and real area...


  1. Hi Misty! Where are you this days? Just dropping by to say hello! just take one day at a time and don't rush into things!

  2. Hi Misty,
    I am not sure if I have interpreted your coded messages right. If my interpretation is right, then, this is what I'd like to say.

    Not all relationships work. Some do, some don't but the worse is holding on to something that no longer has any meaning at all.

    Sometimes it is better, in fact a blessing if there is a tell-tale signs that warns you of possible negative outcomes at an earlier stage. If you spot such a sign, lay low & monitor whether it is isolated or a permanent sign. Walk away if you think the relationship is going to put you in more misery.

    Next step, is to look for a better & a deserving guy in return for your love for him.
    Take care, Misty.

  3. Yupz...keep posting n share ur great post articles n photos! Happy Blogging:)